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A definition essay is a short piece of writing that tries to explain the meaning of a word. Even though this sounds easy, students should remember that the word they will be asked to define is not likely to be something simple like “towel.” Most of the time, the word is something abstract, like love, honor, bravery, etc.

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The goal of the definition essay is to see how well a student can explain abstract ideas in words and how passionately they can talk about their opinions on abstract ideas.

It’s easy to see this with the concept of love since there are so many words to use to describe it. You might want to buy a definition essay because this might get tricky. Talk about the love you have for a friend, a lover, a cause, or even oneself. You could discuss the transformative power of love or its destructive potential.

The amount of specificity required for your essay depends on your level of study. If you’re writing a definition essay for a graduate program, you’ll need to provide a lot more context and background information than you would for a high school or undergraduate audience. Grad students will be in the middle. Doctoral candidates may be spared this requirement, but it’s a terrific opportunity to kick off the more theoretical aspects of your thesis. Please don’t freak out if you’ve already started to while reading this. is available whenever you find yourself saying, “Write my definition essay for me.”

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